Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 48-56

Day 48: Play golf with Magdiel
Get ready, set, go!

Take notes buddy!
Magdiel's turn

Looking good!
My favorite part of the whole golfing experience was when Magdiel went up to the green to putt. He began to swing the club as if he were teeing off for a par 5. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! Little stroke Magdiel!
I was standing near the sand trap and almost fell in due to my uncontrollable laughter. Apparently, golf isn't a very popular sport in Honduras.

Day 49: Rekindle an old friendship
It has been close to four years since I have seen Brian Richter. We went to high school together and got into our fair share of trouble. But as we all know after high school everyone kind of goes there separate ways. But luck was on my side, when I ran into Brian on my plane from Albuquerque to Denver. We caught up and since we are living in the same town again, we exchanged numbers. Next up a couple of beers!

Day 50: Attempt to hire an ex-con to speak to my students
So apparently it is not as easy as one would think. My google search: Hiring an ex-convict to speak to students.... well Denver didn't turn up much. But of course my hometown, Albuquerque, has a program that hires ex-cons to speak to students. Now all I have to do is friend an ex-con who actually has all his ducks in a row, meaning he is not still gang banging, to come speak to my students....

Should I stop holding my breath?

Day 51: Give Jaiden(practically my niece), a bath, brush her hair and dress her for bed.
I am blessed to have her in my life. She always says what is on her mind and she is a bit bossy. Sounds familiar (kind of like me), maybe that is why we get along so well!?!

Day 52: Take a salsa dancing lesson.
Ready to get my dance on!

Cutest dance partner ever!

So happy my friends Meghan and Brian showed up!! Great surprise!
Day 53: Visit Colorado History Museum
I have been reading a lot about the gold rush of 1849 and its affects on Colorado. So, what better way to learn more about it,  than to head to the place that has a tone of information on the history of Colorado.
Day 54: Have a dance party with Jaiden
Day 55: Get a new roommate: Hello Jacqueline Pacheco and Salsa line dance
Yes I was out doing myself today with 2 things...
Through a chance Facebook post, Jacqueline posted she was moving and needed to find a new place. Obviously, I couldn't keep living at my brother's house. So here we are 3 weeks later, moving in together. It is a little La Cueva high school reunion in our house. :)
Later that night, Magdiel and I went salsa dancing. We started out the night by learning how to salsa line dance. It was great. There were people of all ages and nationalities. All I'm going to say is, there was a lot of hip action ;)
Day 56: Visit the Van Gogh exhibit at the Denver Art Museum
Vincent Van Gogh is well known for many things: being a crazy artist, losing his left ear and dying at the prime age of 31. He led a fascinating life filled with too many failures, but after his death, his art became some of the most recognizable art around the world. He first started with pencil, pen, chalk, watercolor but is most well known for his oil canvas. The chance of seeing some of his most famous work was an absolute pleasure for me. I was most fascinated by his use of pencil, pen, watercolor, oil and milk (yes, I said milk). He really was incredible.

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