Wednesday, September 14, 2011


When I think back about why I started this journey, teaching, I realize it has become so much more than about teaching. It has become a life lesson that has changed me in so many ways. I have had my good days and bad and I am so blessed to have amazing friends to share this journey with. There are times I know I couldn't make it through if I did not have them right next to me. 

As I get ready to close on week 6 of living in Honduras, I would like to share some highlights of my new lifestyle.

Here I am 30 minutes in Honduras and I am miserable. The 6 hour plane delay was definitely not helping the cause. Luckily only half of this luggage belongs to me!

          Best place in the house in the hammock on our patio. 

First ride in the back of a pickup truck. Didn't realize this would be one of two forms of transportation for me: buses and the bed of pickup trucks.

Water in a bag/ Bolsa de Agua. It is more common to see me drink out of a bolsa de agua than a waterbottle. 

I am cooking on our burners that sit on the ground. We share them with the girls downstairs, so they are constantly up and down between the 2 floors. 

The addition of our little one, Esperanza. She has definitely changed our lives. Oh little Espy!

Impromptu slumber party in the living room. This was one of two times. The first I found a huge cockroach on my wall. The other was when Kristin found a mouse in her room. When we find animals in our rooms, we decide sleeping in packs in the living room makes us feel better!

We are lucky enough to have a washer, but no dryer. Each day our yard is a beautiful display of our colorful clothes hanging out to dry. By the way there is nothing like a crispy towel that air dries. :-p

Of course living in Central America would not be complete without playing soccer. Some of the teachers get together on Sundays to play at the stadium in Gracias.

We live at the base of Mount Celaque, which is the highest mountain in Honduras. We hiked to the waterfall (too bad it was foggy and rainy and we couldn't see it, but we heard it) and possibly one day we will hike to the top, which takes about 2 days!

A festival in Central Park, Gracias, to celebrate education. These children are dressed in traditional Honduran outfits. 

And what could my life be without my little class. I have 20 students. Here they are on Dia de los Ninos. It is a day they get to celebrate being a kid. They are normally in their uniforms but since it was a special day they were allowed to wear their regular clothes. 

Each day brings new memories. I look forward to making a tone more and sharing them with you. Thank you for sharing my experience with me. It means a lot to me!

Que vaya bien!


  1. Kate,

    Your posts are wonderful and inspirational. While we miss you, I know you're having the time of your life and learning so much. Stay safe and don't forget to remember the details!


  2. That looks amazing! That is super cute that they got to wear their own clothes on their day. I hope you do the 2 day hike and post some pics. I'm happy for you!

  3. Thanks guys!! It means a lot to me that you are following my journey!! xoxo