Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 156-163

Day 156: TCAP: State Testing
As if I didn't just love my job... I had to administer TACP (state testing). Every teacher dreads them because all you do is walk around for hours on end while your kids take these tests. It is also tough to either see your kids rocking it or totally failing and you can do nothing to help them!
We need a new system. State tests are awful. The anxiety and worry these kids go through is hard to see!
Day 157: Purchase my plane ticket to Peru!!

It is official Kristin and I are headed back out for more adventures! This time we are going down to Peru to teach for a couple of weeks and then we are headed to Chile and Bolivia. We will welcome any good tips on places to go!

Day 158: Hershey's Macadamia nut kisses

There is nothing like Hershey's kisses but when you add the sweet macadamia nuts, it become this out of this world treat. My roommate Jax decided to bring me an entire bag (such a good/bad idea) back from Hawaii. Now I have had my fair share of macadamia nuts in the past since my oldest brother lived there for many years and would send packages of the nuts for Christmas. But after trying Hershey's macadamia nut kisses I feel robbed. They are so delicious and my sweet brother never thought to send those, which by the way are only available in Hawaii!

Day 159: Food Challenge: 50 wings

Man vs. Food. We have all heard of the show (and if you haven't you should really check it out). Adam Richman goes around the country in search of ridiculous food challenges. So I had watched the 50 wing challenge episode and thought how hard could that be....
Now let's be honest I know I can't finish 50 wings. So my thought was, how well can 4 adults do on 50 wings. It shouldn't be a problem right? Nope! Between Kyle, Nicole, Magdiel and I , we could not finish 50 wings! How the heck did Adam almost complete that challenge? That is beyond me!

Day 160:Avery's 1st birthday party
Look at that little prince with his grandma!! Sweet boy! Happy Birthday Avery


Day 161: Contact teacher and thank them
Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs but it can also be one of the most challenging. With each year of teaching I gain, I reflect more and more on the teachers I had as a kid. There were a couple that really stick out: Mrs. Barnes, 4th grade, Mrs. Winchester, 7th grade and Mrs. Tennison, 9th-12th grade.
My luck struck out with Mrs. Barnes, I was unable to find her. But luckily Mrs. Winchester and Ms. Tennison were still working at my middle and high schools. It was amazing to share with them my journey of teaching and learning Spanish, since they both taught me Spanish. It was also nice to be remember after 10 plus years.

Day 162: Spend a day without my cell phone
You know you are an adult when you Spring Break consists of sleeping and enjoying a day... or two without your cell phone.

Day 163: Read a wordless picture book about War and Friendship.

This wonderful book talks about war and friendship all without one word written. It is a wonderful book. The article below really sheds light on its meaning.