Friday, September 14, 2012

365 days project... 1 new thing each day for a year

I am officially back from Honduras!!

With an amazing year of traveling,learning and growing behind me, I am so excited to share with you my next adventure.

I am going to begin a very exciting and memorable "new things"
project, in which I will be trying something new every single day for one
year. This project will begin on October 9th (my 29th birthday) and will
end exactly one year later on my 30th birthday The inspiration originally
came to me from a friend of a friend. She had embarked on this amazing
adventure. I followed her project and then a year later another friend
embarked on the same journey. I have now seen it done twice,
so I am hoping third times a charm ;)

Before beginning my year-long project, I am enlisting the help of my
friends and family to give me ideas, which will make the project more
meaningful and interactive.

If you are interested in helping, I would love for you to share your ideas
with me. If possible, please send me a list of 10-15 ideas (or more) for
things I can try (facebook message me or email me

They can include ideas for going to new places, trying/cooking new foods, new hobbies, adventurous activities, charitywork, silly and crazy things that will embarrass me... use your
imagination! I will also be enlisting my new fourth grade class to help me
complete some of my projects. So keep in mind that some should be kids
based (9/10 year olds).  Please send me your ideas by October 9th if you
wish to help. I will be posting my "new things" on facebook and on my blog ( everyday so that you can follow me
throughout the year.

I am so excited to begin this project and your ideas will make this all the more special.


  1. Amazing idea Kate. My advice as I am in the middle of a 365 project (one photo a day) and you must pace yourself. it is extremely challenging but so rewarding. I am excited for you.

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