Monday, September 3, 2012

Panama...the Amazing!

I know what your thinking....didn't you get back from Central America over a month ago?
The answer is yes I did. But, like you all must know, American life has caught up with me. I was thrust into the world of buying a car, fixing my computer, getting a job and moving back to Denver.
So sadly my blog took a back seat for a little. But let's not forget the most amazing part of my travels:
Last, but certainly not least: Panama.

Crossing the border. Literally one of the scariest things. The boards were very unsecure. One wrong step...... and me and my 50 pound bag were headed straight into the river!!
Life vest check! If our boat capsizes it might be due to the fact that my backpack weighs as much as a small child!

Our boat ride to Bocas del Torro

First night, what a beautful sunset!

Don't mind if I do a little swinging while I watch the sunset. :)
Colleen, Kristin, myself and Jenna enjoying some drinks on our last night together in Panama!
So many places to see before I die!
But first up, the Carribean Ocean on a catamaran for the day.
Kristin and I enjoying some chill/tan time.
After some much needed chill time. Kristin and I were headed to Panama City. I can't say we chose the best route. But after a day and a half of travel. We finally arrived!! WOW!
View of downtown from Casco Viejo, the oldest neighborhoods in Panama City.

"More graffitti, less anouncements"
It is a must to go to the Panama Canal if you are in the city.

Just enjoying the view, waiting for boats to go through.
Nicole, Kristin and I, doing a little shopping.

Next up a little bike ride through Panama!
And I am off....

Just enjoying a night out on the town.
But the next day we were off to the San Blas islands. After a 5 hour jeep ride, we sat around in the rain waiting to get on our boat to the islands.

I can't say we were all that thrilled about taking a boat ride in the rain.
But it proved to be worth it. The clouds sitting on the hills of the main land of Panama.

We were enjoying the sunset on Iguana island, which is owned by the Kuna tribe.
Our awesome hut. 8 beds, cockroaches, and no working light. Welcome to Iguana Island.

Loving life in San Blas.
Mi mejor amiga!


Here are a few of the Kuna men, who made us delicious lobster dinners.
Roommates in the hut :)


Say good-bye to San Blas islands.
After an amazing time in Central America. My last hours were spent with my best friend Kristin. We bought some awesome hats and took in my last hours of daylight in C.A. 

Unbelievably blessed!