Friday, June 28, 2013


Wow time flies and I mean it in the best way. I know it has been since April since I last wrote but of course my "365 project" is still on. 

I have done some amazing things, milked a cow, toured a cheese factory, made a mala necklace, eaten many different fruits (courtesy of Magdiel's mom), traveled to Roatan, snorkeled with sea turtles, ran a marathon relay and so many more. I apologize for not blogging about them. 

But in the words of my dad "the show must go on".  So with that I hope to share with you my latest adventure, Peru and Bolivia. 

My best friend and travel partner, Kristin and I couldn't stay away from the lure of South America, especially Machu Picchu. But in true teacher fashion we decided to divide our trip into two parts; teaching English for 3 weeks and travel for 3 weeks. 

I will spend the next 3 weeks in Cuzco, Peru teaching English. 

I landed yesterday day morning and Kristin and I spent our first day in Lima walking around the neighborhood of Miraflores. We spent nearly 6 hours walking around... In an attempts to get warm. It is winter in South America and it is cold. I, of course, left my winter jacket and Ugg boots back at home. So I will have to make due with wearing every article of clothing in my backpack. But I believe my first purchase will an alpaca wool blanket, maybe a sweater and socks to accompany it.