Friday, October 11, 2013

The good, the bad and the ugly

As many of you can imagine time comes and goes before we even realize it. As I left South America I told myself and Kristin that I would post about my trip once I got back....did it happen? Uh no. So here I am 2 months later and a few days after my 30th birthday sharing a few of my favorite moments from Peru and Bolivia.

Let the adventures begin in Peru.

It is so cold in South America. I WAS FREEZING!!
Drinking a traditional Pisco Sour in Lima.

Just a little gizzard, cow heart and the unknown.

Making ceviche at the Sky Kitchen in Lima.

The amazing Plaza de Armas in Cusco.

No big deal, hiking next to a llama.

Don't try and cross the street or he will come very close with his whip!

Kristin and I got suckered into the traditional dress of the Incas.

I am about to eat a guinea pig. Wanna know how it tasted? Awful.
After spending some time in Cusco we decided to head to Machu Picchu.
But first we had to get there. The sign says "It is prohibited to pass on the bridge".....

Well there was no other way!

Up at 4 a.m. for our hike up to Machu Picchu. Cool headtorch Kristin!


But the adventures did not end there!
Lake Titicaca, on the floating islands.

Getting dressed in traditional clothes from the floating islands.

Our special friend who dressed us in traditional clothes.
Watching the sunset over Lake Titicaca

Best friends!

More traditional clothing, this time on the island of Amantani.
We said good-bye to Peru and hello to Bolivia
The amazing view of Copacabana, Bolivia

This is the breathtaking view as we walked down to Copacabana at sunset.

Laguna Verde, can you guess why?

We were standing on salt.... okay we were jumping off salt.

Laguna Colorada, the most amazing red lake caused by an algae.

Stone tree in the Bolivian desert.

Flamingos liter the lake below an extinct volcano.

Salt Flats, Boliva

Freezing to death in the Bolivian desert... get me a heater ASAP!

Hanging out on Luci's hands.

AAAHHHHH falling of a Pringles can.

Tiwanaku statue

Yes those a dried llamas. We went to the witches market in La Paz
Once again I have been blessed with these crazy adventures. It was an amazing summer filled with lots of laughter, lots of bundling up and complaining and there was a lot of coca tea. Until the next adventure.....