Saturday, October 29, 2011

Copan Ruinas

One of the coolest spots to see in Honduras (there isn't a massive list, so don't worry) is Copan, the Mayan Ruins. It is about a four hour bus ride from us. So we decided to take advantage of a 3-day weekend and travel to Copan.

But before we left we had gotten word that Copan was closed for the weekend. Apparently every year indigeonous Mayans get mad that the Honduran government is not giving them enough money. So they protest and actually steal pieces of the ruins. They hold them for ransom for a week and when they come to an agreement they give the pieces back and Copan is opened again. Well as we drove into Copan on Friday, this was the scene as we were driving past the ruines. Tones of people!!!

So many Mayans protesting!!
Setting up tarps so they could sleep there. They are hard core!
Lucky for us, they opened the ruins back up. Just in time for us :)

Honduran Man waiting on the side of the road

Another sweet Honduran Man 

Enjoying a drink on night one. Cheers

The next day, on our way to the ruins. 

One of the Mayan temples. This one was for fertility and cosmology. 

Sarah, Kristin and I standing in front of one of the Mayan temples that was more hidden due to overgrowth of  trees and plants. 

Ruins of the higher class Mayans of Copan.

Entrance to go down to the tunnels dug by archeologists.

A tree on top of one of the ruins

Joel, Sarah, Kristin, Ryan, Katie and I on top of one of the temples.

Another Mayan Ruin conquered! 

The Hieroglyphic staircase, which has over 1,250 hieroglyphs. It is phenomenal to look at. 

The ball court, where Mayans played a form of soccer/basketball. If you were the star player, you were killed as a sacrifice and went straight to heaven. 

A few of the Stelae's, which are structures meant for ceremonial purposes. 

Taking in the different pieces of ruines that are in the museum.

After a long day, who can resist traditional German beer? Yes I officially have gotten traditional German beer by Tomas, the German brewer in Copan and the foam got stuck to my nose!! I dove right in!

Eating street food with Jenna. The best tamales I have ever had!

Dancing in the streets of Copan with Jenna. 

The rainy streets of Copan.

We had another successful trip in Honduras!! 

Que Vaya Bien!


  1. That looks like a nice trip. NIce pictures! Amani

  2. Loved it! Damn, I'm kind of thinking maybe I could run down there just to see Copan. Later in the year, and only maybe. love the phrase !que vaya bien!