Thursday, February 9, 2012

Opening day at the new Minerva

So this year, for Minerva has been a bit of a transition one. The owner of my school, Sandra Hercules, has been in the process of building a new school.

She decided it would be a great idea to move 4th grade- 11th grade to the new school... in the middle of the year. If you have read any of my previous blogs, you will understand this is a very Honduran thing to do. Something that doesn't make sense, do it and do it with force. 

 So last Friday it was moving day because the opening was on Monday. It was a bit chaotic and zero learning took place. But don't you worry students were employed as moving various things: desks, bookshelves, whiteboards, you name it, kids moved it. Good thing child labor laws do not apply down here.

Before we knew it moving day was here!!

First order of business: dress and put a bow around every chair. Gosh that was fun! 

Next up: Greeting everyone. 

Kristin, Jenna and I

Luis Fernando, Cesar, Mario and I checking out the new school. 3 of my cute little students

The ladies of Minerva, yep we are doing the sorority pose on purpose. hahaha

Prof. Oskar and Mister Kris looking like twins. Nice job guys. 

Welcome to the new school. Ribbon cutting times!

What opening day isn't complete without food and drinks! 

The nice new classrooms. So much bigger and nicer than the old school. There isn't bat poop dropping from the ceiling!! 

I will be honest when I first learned of the move, I was a little sad I wouldn't be joining them at the new school. But I have to say that the old school is so different now. It is much more relaxed, we have more freedom and the whole vibe is just chill. 

Still loving life at the old school. Bat poop and all!


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