Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feliz dia de San Valentin

Happy Valentine's Day!! The day of love, friendship, hugs and who could forget loads of CANDY!!!

I was not aware, but kids down here like to either give cards to everyone in the class or give one gift to an amigo secreto, secret friend. So my kids voted to give a gift to an amigo secreto. They were also very insistent that I play with them. So the kiddo I got was Carlos. He has one of the sweetest hearts I know, but he is ALL over the place. He constantly has a ring of various objects surrounding his desk and most days his fly is open and he has somehow spilled half his snack on himself. But he is very simple minded. So I knew a few pencils, some play dough and some stickers would make his day.

Another cute tradition they do is to say something about their amigo secreto, but say all lies. My kids had the funniest things to say about each other. We were all laughing and enjoying what each person said about their friends. The student who got me was Cesar. He is probably one of my favorite students (ssshhh teachers aren't allowed to have favorites, but they do). But he is a handful  and CAN NOT sit still to save his life. But he has one of the biggest hearts of any student I have ever met. He gave me a scarf that his aunt knitted for me. It was absolutely beautiful.

So what party would be complete without candy, snacks and soda. So we enjoyed our snacks and of course the kids are never shy on showing me their huge personalities. Especially when I bring out my camera!

Lisbeth and Sherlyn, they are too cute!

Jose Luis, Mario, Ricardo and Carlos obviously having a good time. 

They look like angels...

But add a little sugar and you have a recipe for crazy!

We had an absolutely wonderful Valentine's Day. I missed all my loved one in the states, but I got enough love from these guys to fill my void. 

Feliz dia de San Valetin. 

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