Monday, April 9, 2012

The lapse of time

Wow, I can't believe it has been a two whole month since I last blogged. I apologize to my devoted followers (Mom and Dad ;) Just kidding. I know there are more of you out there!!

It has been a busy two months. I started the always lovely process of getting a job state side. This has been tedious and time consuming. But with a little hope and extra prayer I am hoping to get an amazing opportunity working at a bilingual school in San Antonio, Texas.

But back here in the land of dust and heat, we have had lots of great things happening. First let me say that my students have just blossomed lately. There English is improving ten-fold and I couldn't be more proud of them. Here are some highlights from our class:

In Science we learned all about our Solar System....there are 8 plants, not 9. "But why Miss Kate? Our book says there are 9." "Well kids your books were printed in 1990, they are a little out-of-date!" That was of course a fun thing to explain.

We had a 'Solar System museum. My students had to make a model of the Solar System, complete with all 8 planets ;) They also had to memorize a fact about one of the planets and then share it with students who came through the museum. We had K-2nd walk through our museum and look at our projects and listen to our facts about the Solar System.

Here is Deborah sharing her fact with 1st grader Susan.

Mario and Ricardo very excited to share their projects in the museum

Nelsy with her project.

Heylin getting ready to share her fact. 

The museum was a great success. My students loved sharing fun facts about the Solar System and it was a great experience for the younger kids to hear English from the older kids. Check yes on a great success!

My mom's trip to Honduras!

Another very excited thing to happen was when my mom came to visit. She braved the bumpy and windy roads to come to Gracias!!
Here we are at one of my favorite places, Guancascos.

My students and I had a countdown on the whiteboard until the day Georganne made her debut. The kids made her a sign and cards welcoming her to Honduras. 

Sherlyn, Deborah, Xochil, Lisbeth and Georganne. 

My little cuddle bugs could not get any closer!! Personal space does not exist here.

They are loving Georganne! But then again who wouldn't!

They just wanted to love on her! It made me so happy to see!

After a week in Gracias, my mom and I headed to Copan Ruinas. We had an amazing time! I couldn't have asked for a better trip. We laughed, we cried, we ate and we talked. Just what mothers do with their daughters. 

The Science Fair

Last but certainly not least was our Science Fair. Students were asked to work in groups and come up with an experiment. I feel too often, I put restrictions on projects the students do. So for this one, I told them to research a project they wanted to do and present it to me. I definitely got some interesting pitches, but we settled on these four projects:

How do eggs float?
Does fire need oxygen?
How do humans breath?
How do volcanoes work?

Day of the Science fair. The students looked adorable in their outfits.
Delmy, Nelsy, Jasmin and Heylin. Love them!! :)

Xochil and Sherlyn ready for their presentations.

Group 1: How do humans breathe? Lisbeth, Delmy, Sherlyn, Xochil, Luis Fernando and
Omar. Obviously they are super stoked about this picture! hahahaha

Group 2: How do volcanoes work? JoseLuis, Carlos and Mario. 

Group 3: Does fire need oxygen? Roberto, Cesar, Heyling, Nelsy and Ricardo. Ahh the group who played with fire. Never thought I would allow a 3rd grader to light candles in a school building...and it would be okay!

Group 4: How do eggs float? Deborah, Jasmin, Gracia and Sonia. 
Could you ever guess this is my group who loves to hug? ;)

Wahoo we are finished with the Science fair!!

Out of the 3rd-5th grade competition, group 1 "how do humans breath", won 3rd place. So proud of them!
Great job guys!! :)


  1. See. This is what I am talking about!! Great stories about Mom's visit and the Science Fair. Nice pics. We missed your articles Kate!!!


  2. Impressive students, must have an excellent teacher... love all the photos... good luck with job hunt.