Sunday, April 29, 2012

Visiting the Orphanage

I would like to say that I consider myself an extremely lucky person. I have a wonderful family, friends and a boyfriend who are constant reminders that I am blessed. But I was humbled even more, when Kristin and I decided to visit an orphanage in Santa Rosa Copan.

Hogar San Jose is an orphanage run by a group of nuns in the heart of the city of Santa Rosa. We weren't sure what to expect when we arrived and found a prison looking compound. There was a bell on the outside of this huge 15 foot gray fence with barbed wire surrounding it and no windows.

So we rang the bell and waited.... for what we weren't sure, but we hoped for something or someone.

After a few minutes of waiting, we were finally allowed to come in. We immediately saw a group of about 10 children playing in a little area, who rushed the fence to see us.

Receiving lots of love!! 
There is nothing like the hugs from kids who just don't get a lot of hugs. We spent the next hour playing with them. 

Kristin getting her share of hugs!

Hanging out on the swings.

Kristin was in charge of giving the kids water. 

Cute little face! 

Love it

Hanging out on the swings

I can honestly say, I did not expect to meet a child I wanted to adopt. This little one did not speak at all but her smile said enough to warm my heart. 

No words were needed....just this precious little smile.

One of the kids wanted to take a picture of me. :)

Yep, in love with this little one!

As our time came to an end, I just found myself on the verge of tears. I didn't want to leave nor did I want to leave the kids there. They have an amazing setup but I was once again reminded how incredibly lucky I am. I have two wonderful parents who shower me with endless love and these little ones do not. 

Kristin and I are planning to go back and spend more time with them. It truly was a blessing to hang out with these little ones. I walked away with a very valuable lesson, the power of love knows no boundaries. God has blessed me in more ways than I can count. 

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