Wednesday, May 30, 2012

End of the Year Madness

Where has time gone?

You would think one would get used to the concept of time. 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 12 months, 365 days in a year. Time is consistent, never changing. So why is it that there are moments when life seems to be passing by in a blink of an eye?

I can't believe that I have 1 week left in Gracias. My year living in Honduras is coming to a close and I am filled with so many emotions. But it has been a busy month. Each Friday we had some event going on. 

Summer Day: Basically face paint, play games, and hang out in the pool! It was a great day. I am not sure who had more fun me or the kids?? ;)
Face paint!!
Jessena getting a flower on her face.
Yancy looking very excited!
I was in charge of rules... obviously acting them out! 
Heylin, Luis Fernando and I hanging out.
Who doesn't love musical towels?? 
I felt like a mother hen as they all sat around me!
Hugo playing duck, duck, goose. But the twist is squirting the goose with water.
Oscar, Armando, Emilcar and Mario enjoying the day.
Some of the boys headed down the slide.
Who doesn't love a water gun??
A few of my students hanging on to me as if I was their personal boat.
Daniel, Nelsy and Lisbeth enjoying the free ride ;)

Next up...
Science Day:
The teachers and I decided to each have an experiment/exploration and kids from K-3rd grade could choose which activity they wanted to do.

My topic was Magnet Exploration. We talked about the North and South poles and how magnets are attracted to each other. Then we went on a magnetic scavenger hunt to find different objects that were magnetic. 

*No child was hurt during the magnetic exploration...  *see first and last picture...

Daery discovered my scissors were magnetic!

Christia found a magnetic ball. 

These girls are exploring how magnets can attract other magnets.

Jessenna playing with magnets.

Suzanne found my bobbypin was magnetic!! Good job!

Ricardo building magnets.

Wow, look how strong they are!

Lisbeth discovered my timer is magnetic!

Oh, Arnaldo has discovered the scissors are magnetic!! Maybe we should have hid those....

The kids had a wonderful time enjoying activities outside of the classroom!! But the fun didn't end there!! 

Check back for more end of the year fun at Minerva! 

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