Sunday, June 10, 2012

Good-byes are hard..... very hard. This is especially true when you go into a new country, don't speak the language or know the culture and you learn and grow as a person. 

If I haven't said it enough, I will say it again. I am eternally thankful for all the wonderful people and experiences I had while living in Gracias. I gained a love for life, I had not yet known was out there. 

I knew leaving Gracias, my Honduran friends, my Minerva family and my American friends was going to be hard, but you don't actually know how hard it is going to be, till your knee deep in tears, wishing that it wasn't the end. And yes there were lots of tears.

But all good things must end and with each door closing a new one opens. Good-bye to a wonderful year, you will be in my heart always. 

Our last time with our University students. We are going to miss these beautiful girls, who always made us laugh... more like they laughed at my Spanish ;) But they were amazing. 

Last dinner with the staff of Minerva. 

Mi mejor amiga, Kristin

We have a fun group of teachers. 

Beautiful girls

Minerva staff with our matching shirts!! Love it

Last night in the park with Kobbs ice cream. Yummy

The madness of the last few days started with my last bus ride with our bus driver Roberto. This was my company on the ride...
Little Miss Suzanne. 

Closing Ceremonies.... Good-bye Minerva. 
American teachers

Kristin, Luis and I hanging out at the gate. We are going to miss Luis!!

Kristin and I were the welcoming committee.

Sherlyn, Xochil and I, adorable!!

Manual and sunglasses. He gave me a bracelet and told me he was very thankful for me.... and I am not even his teacher. Love him.

Delmy, Heylin and I....sadness :(

Danya and Daniel, two of the cutest kids ever.

The teachers and I singing "Stand By Me". Who doesn't love a good old sing along to close the school year?

This was right before we all lost it... It was a crying fest after this.

Evidence of the crying fest. 

One of my favorite students, Francisco. He is definitely in the pocket. (A person in the pocket, is an unforgettable person, who is very special)

My favorite person, Magdiel. He is in the pocket for sures. 

One of the things I am surprisingly going to miss, the wildlife. Our neighbor's horse had a colt, the day before we left. This little guy is definitely going in the pocket ;)

God has blessed me with an extraordinary life. So thankful for each memory, moment and experience I had while down here. It changed me for the better and I am eternally grateful. 

Next up.... backpacking through Central America with Kristin. Let the madness begin.