Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 65-73

Day 65: Make Christmas stalkings for my new apartment.
A little bit of puffy paint, a hot glue gun and a glass of wine and stalkings were made. :)

Day 66: Share a meal with a few disabled gentlemen.
I got the pleasure of meeting Jim and Richard at Magdiel's host families house. Jim, unfortunately had multiple strokes, which left him paralyzed on the right side and unable to speak more than a few words at a time. Jim's first sentence to me was "Very pretty." Such a sweet moment for me. Richard is mentally challenged and has a very short term memory. But he managed to tell me all about his birds (I later realized they are not "his" birds, they are the birds in the park).
They are both very sweet and it was so nice chatting with them. They requested steak since their nursing home doesn't give them steak. Wow, they sure gobbled up the steak. It was a very special moment to share with them.

Day 67: Watch one of my students perform in the Nutcracker
Janis, Jenna, Ellie, Hector and myself after Ellie's performance.

Day 68: Go to a new state... Wyoming
Okay, okay, it was day two of watching the Nutcracker, but who's counting? This time I got to go all the way to Wyoming to see my little cousin perform. She did a wonderful job!
Madison and I after her performance

Day 69: Go to church with Magdiel's host family and help them decorate their Christmas tree while drinking Egg Nog
Magdiel and I decorating the tree.

Radi, Magdiel and I enjoying the decorating.

Day 70: Save a life, the spider in my classroom 
In Honduras, I was a spider crusher, bug crusher, if it was moving I was attemping to crush it. But this day I felt like saving this little spider's life. Except, it did send my students into a tizzy. I scooped it onto a book and all I hear from my students "I am never reading that book AGAIN!" A little dramatic if I say so. So after I put it on the windowsill to go outside. I sat my students down (at this point you would have thought there were 500 spiders still in our classroom by their reactions) and told them how I used to teach in a classroom with spiders, cockroaches, beetles, you name it, there was all kinds of bugs in my classroom. This almost sent them over the edge. They couldn't believe that I used to be in a classroom with so many bugs. My little gangster children afraid of spiders. They are probably more afraid of spiders than guns.... no joke.

Day 71: Drink hot cocoa and help decorate Avery's first Christmas tree
Jaiden and I enjoying our hot cocoa, while little man tries to take the cups from our hands.

Day 72: Help Magdiel write his graduation speech
I think I have found my calling, writing. I love to put thoughts and feelings into words on paper. So Magdiel asked me to help him with his speech for his graduation, which I was so excited to do. But with two educated people, one a native English speaker and the other a native Spanish speaker. We were bound to run into problems. I am pretty sure my roommate was just looking at us like we were crazy, with all our bickering about what to put in the speech.

Day 73: Celebrate Magdiel's graduation
Radi, Magdiel and I :)

Sweet love

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