Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 128-138

Day 128: Organize our school relay team
I am set to run the Colfax Marathon in May with some teachers from my school and my team needed a name.... I mean we have 4 teams running and we were SOAR #1. BORING! So my co-worker and I worked together and came up with: Landa where's my wanda. Landa is tag in Spanish and when people run relays they have to pass a wand. We thought we were pretty creative and funny.

Day 129: Eat homemade cheesecake made by my student
Well yes of course

Jennifer handed me this plate on top of a plate and says "Open it Kate!"

She proceeds to tell me she made me cheesecake and it is a special recipe. It was delicious!

Day 130: African dance class
My school has an amazing arts program and part of that is the African dance and drumming our students do. Well a local African dance teacher (not ours) teaches a class at our school every Wednesday. It was amazing. I loved learning the movements and hearing the drums. It was very therapeutic!

Day 131: Non-Valentines Day at school
This is my first time not celebrating Valentine's Day in my classroom. It was a little sad, but also very nice. I had no real crazy behavior since we don't allow candy at school. My students passed out cards as we were walking out the door for the day. I felt a little bad for them because let's be honest we all loved those holiday's as kids. But as a teacher now, I was a little thankful I didn't have to deal with kids on sugar highs!

Day 132:  Have a heart-to-heart with a 5 year old

I received this picture of Natalie, my little 5 year old buddy, crying for me. So I had to have a little chatwith her that when friends leave each other they don't cry they smile. I had her pinky promise me that she would never cry again because I will always be in her heart even if I am not with her. My chat worked because she has not cried since. :)

Day 133: Start Voxing
When I first got back from Central America, my friends told me that I needed to get Voxer, which is a walkie talkie through your phone. Or it is another way to text message with just your voice. So I downloaded it and now I am addicted. I think the best part is hearing the inflection in people's voice. It really beats texting and voicemails!

Day 134: Ice Racing
Magdiel and I were headed up to the mountains and were shocked to see ice racing. It was so cool to see these cars flying across the ice.

Day 135: Keystone, CO
Magdiel and I headed up to Keystone for our Valentine's Day celebration.
Sexy boy

Our view from the room.

Day 136: Babysit Avery and Jaiden
Sadly I haven't taken care of my niece and nephew alone....they probably don't trust me ;).
So Aunt Kate stepped in when Nicole and Kyle had things going on. We had a blast and I just loving hanging out with them!

Day 137:  Cook Beef Brisket in a crock pot
I have always wanted to use a crock pot. People say they are so easy to use. So I was craving beef brisket and decided this was my chance to actually use it and try a new recipe. I got a slab of beef and a bottle of barbecue sauce. I threw it in the crock pot with a bit of salt and pepper and 7 hours later my beef brisket was done. Oh my gosh it was so delicious! This might be my new passion: crock pot cooking!

Day 138: Eat at an airplane hanger restaurant
Every Thursday Gretchen and I go to dinner and Spanish class. We decided to head to this beer garden right near class, which just so happens to be in an old airplane hanger. The food was awesome and so was the beer! I am super stoked to go back during the summer when they open the tops of the hanger.