Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 18-22

Day 18: Dress as a Harlem Globetrotter for our awesome Halloween Party
Harlem Globetrotters: M.S., S.J, and Luna

Can't forget about Sol... the only man on our team. Nice muscles sol!

Day 19: Take Magdiel shopping (I hate shopping with other people)

I can gladly thank my mom for the "I hate shopping with other people" gene. I remember when we were kids, we would go shopping and I swear my mom had an invisible stop watch in her hand. She would step one foot in the store and power shopping began. We walked fast... practically ran, we shopped fast, I think we might have even talked fast.

We would go straight to the department and get right to work finding exactly what we needed. It was always designated before: Today, we are buying jeans. Today, we are buying a winter coat. There was always a mission.

So I didn't exactly realize I had this "problem" until, I would attempt to go shopping with other people and instantly become annoyed. So I basically quit shopping with other people.....


Magdiel asked me to take him shopping, my gut check reaction was "I hate shopping with other people!" But, how bad could it really be? I love him to death, so it couldn't be that bad.

About 15 shops and a delicious lunch later, we... I should say, I survived shopping together. Mission complete. But don't expect me to run out and go shopping with people again. These trips will be far and few between.

Day 20: Give the men of my house facials
Be one with the facial Kyle!

Yes, it is cold, but deal with it.

Two happy boys, with baby soft skin..... You're welcome!

Day 21: Research how to publish a children's book.
A dream in the making.... stay tuned.

Day 22: Try a new dessert with my friend Amani.
One of my committed followers of my life and project is my dear friend Amani. We met while playing soccer in Southern California and quickly bonded over soccer, music and shoes. He has been a wonderful friend and I was excited to share one of my "things" with him.

We have often talked about ice cream and desserts. So we decided to help me fulfill my "thing" of the day, we would attempt either a new dessert or flavor of ice cream.

We decided on the deep fried cheesecake bites with strawberry and chocolate sauce.....


Smile Amani!
Thanks to my dear friend Amani for sharing in one of my "things". It is an honor to have such an awesome friend like him!


  1. So funny, I'm trying to guess who the Globetrotters are! HMMMM

  2. And lovin' that baby soft skin. Way to go M. & K. for subjecting yourselves to the manly test!