Monday, November 12, 2012

Days 32-35

Day 32: Food fight....
All it takes is 4 teachers and a couple of drinks later...

It started with a margarita with a salted glass being heavily salted, which lead to salt being flicked off the rim at each other... and before I knew it we were throwing salt, chips and lettuce at each other. We were quickly stopped by our waitress, who did not find our antics funny. If she hadn't stopped us, who knows what else, we might have started throwing. I can't say she was too happy about it! But I couldn't stop laughing!!
I am in the middle of dodging food!

Day 33: Fancy dinner party
Love, love, love!

Pretty girls, looking all fancy!

The whole group! What a handsome/beautiful group of friends! Cheers!

Friends, h'orderves, wine, steak and snicker doodles. I would say our fancy dinner party was a success. Thank you to Booya, Chelsea, Meghan and Stef for being great cooks and hosts!

Day 34: Help raise awareness of literacy around the world, which lead to some interesting findings.

I asked myself, which country has the highest literacy rate? I knew the United States has a high literacy rate, but I was curious as to where we fell in comparison to other countries and what countries fell significantly behind us.
My research led me to a few countries that listed that they had a 100% literacy rate for all people over the age 15 that can read and write:
Andorra, which is located in between Spain and France,
Liechtenstein, which is located in between Switzerland and Austria,
I was not surprised to find these countries listed as having the top literacy rates in the world. These countries start their education at the age of 6 and offer more trade based education after children attend elementary and middle school. They are obviously doing their job educating their young.

On the other end of the spectrum, I found both Niger and Afghanistan with a literacy rate of 28%. But sadly they were not the lowest. Burkina Faso, a land locked country in Africa has the lowest literacy rate in the world, with 21.8%. Each family is required to pay for their childs education and typically boys are sent over girls. There has been a push to increase literacy in the country, which has seen a double in numbers since 1990, but sadly, it is still the lowest in the world.

So with these numbers in mind, I decided to join a website that helps raise awareness for early literacy around the world.

Here is how it works, the website offers free books online to people who have access to the Internet. When you read a book online, it helps send that same book to a child who does not have access to books.

If you are feeling like helping raising awareness, check it out. You might just find yourself addicted to reading some of the fun books featured on the website.

Happy Reading.... because somewhere in the world, someone can't cherish the joys of reading!

Day 35: Write a letter to a vet thanking them for their service and buy them coffee.

My amazing friend Lauren, who served two tours overseas!

Thanks for your service Lauren! You rock!

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