Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 24-31

Day 24: Go to the Denver Ballet with my students
African drummers with Indian dancers. Best part of the show because my students do African drum and they were playing it on their laps.

My two friends are convinced they have mustaches. So here they are showing me their "mustaches" hahahaha I couldn't help but laugh at their peach fuzz

Day 25: Sign up for a writing class
There is a wonderful writing group in Denver, called The Lighthouse. They just so happen to be featuring a class on writing a children's book. So off I go, on November 17th, to learn more about writing a children's book.

Day 26: Make a pecan pie for Thanksgiving.... Seeley Thanksgiving on November 3rd.

Seeley family

My pecan pie in the corner and Roxy pulling another dish out of the oven.
Enjoying the beautiful weather

Magdiel cutting his first Thanksgiving Turkey and getting a lesson from Roxy on how to do it,

Wohoo cousins Megan and Trip with my dad.
Happy early Thanksgiving from the Seeley's. We had a wonderful dinner. Kudos to all who cooked (out of 15 people, 13 cooked). Can you guess who didn't cook?.....

Day 27: Homemade Fondue... all 3 courses
1st course: Cheddar cheese with beer and Swiss cheese with wine! Yummy
2nd course: Beef, chicken, and pheasant all marinated in delicious sauces.
3rd course: Milk and white chocolate with fruits, angel cake, and pretzel to dip it in.

Lets get this party started with some fondue
Enjoying more family time

Day 28: Research the history of Westward Expansion and how it impacted the now, great state of Colorado.

They say, "The best way to learn is to teach." Well, I have decided to brush up on my knowledge about Western Expansion and then teach it to my students for our next unit.

Lewis and Clark, Sacajawea, the Gold Rush, and traveling west in a wagon, here I come.

For my fellow "Schoolhouse Rock" watchers in the 80's, this might bring back some memories.

Day 29: Each vote counts: Have my students vote for the next president on election day.
Here are a few of my students just after they voted. :)

A.J. voted

Oh look, I voted too!
Day 30: Take an IQ test
Apparently, I am not extraordinarily smart.... but who says you need to be? My IQ is 95. Now I know you are all thinking, what does a 95 mean. Well let me just tell you, I am average. Just your average brain. But like my dad always says, "It's what's in the heart that matters." At least for now, that is what I am going to go with.

Day 31: Drink a new wine: Gato Negro
Gato Negro Wine. Its slogan is "A wine for those occasions when you are with your friends, or your loved ones, or just by yourself, and you want to enjoy the moment in a relaxed and simple way."
Well done Gato Negro, well done.
Gretchen even had a gato negro to hang out with us, while we drank.

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