Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 106-112

Day 106: Kindergarten/4th grade Penny Project
My 4th graders teamed up with Ali's kindergarten to raise money. The kinders are learning to count to 100 and my kids are learning to give to others. The kinders counted the pennies with the help of my students and then they put it into rolls of 100. We will be donating it in a few weeks.
Sa'Mari helping out.

AJ helping William count.

This little girl doesn't talk to anyone. She is close to being mute and Leslie is so good with younger ones that he just talked and talked and finally she said a few words. Ali, the kinder teacher, was in awe.

Day 107:Martin Luther King Jr. marade
There is a tradition in Denver to march and walk from City Park to Civic Center Park in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. So I joined Bob and Barb, Magdiel's host family for the marade.
City officials placing flowers on MLK's statue in City Park.

Flag with MLK's face

Our group!

Here we are marching in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Day 108: Test prep
Dangle and few extra dollars in my face and I will do anything... I spend close to 13/14 hours at school but when they offered me the opportunity to help organize for TCAP (Colorado's state test), I jumped at the chance. Plus it was good for me to see what sorts of things will be on the state test for Colorado.

Day 109: Dance party with my students
I put on Chris Brown's "Don't Wake Me Up" and we had a dance party. They of course, know all the lyrics to this song so it was also a sing-a-long! It was awesome. The secretaries later asked me what the heck was going on in my classroom.

Day 110: Spanish class
So I decided I needed to push myself on my Spanish. I am going to Honduras in May to spend time with Magdiel's family and I don't want to sound like an idiot. So I started a Spanish class.

Day 111: Get off the elevator in a Vegas hotel chanting U-S-A
Sarazona and I wating outside the elevator....getting ready to chant U-S-A

Day 112: Play a Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine in Vegas
Sarah's rule: you walk by a $.50 Wheel of Fortune Slot machine. you gotta play it. So that's what we did. Sarah won $35 and I lost $20.

Later that night in the limo!! Oh you fancy huh?

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