Thursday, August 25, 2011

As a part of the opening day of our school Minerva, the teachers were asked to sing a song to the students and their parents. When this was presented to me my jaw dropped to the floor. Did I understand, we were supposed to sing a song, like in public, to people? It is one thing to sing in the shower or in your car with the music blaring and windows up, but it is another thing to actually sing in front of people. 

To my relief, I found the other teachers expressed the same feelings. No one wanted to sing a song, but the kicker was the song... We were asked to sing "Imagine" by the Beatles. A song which talks about no Heaven or Hell and not to mention very challenging to sing if you can't easily identify the correct note to be singing in (that would be me). However, the other teachers and I decided we did not want to sing that song because it just didn’t sit well with us. So we settled on “Lean on Me”. I mean who doesn’t know the tune and the words to such a classic song?

We decided the best way to practice was to put ourselves in the most enjoyable environment, a roof top deck with some wine and beer. So imagine 10 gringos singing American music while enjoying a few cocktails? Can’t beat the entertainment here!

Our performance was this morning and in our eyes we were happy to get it over with. There are many things lost between cultures but I can say this song was the epitome of being lost. 
So without further delay, here is the video of us singing “Lean on Me”. I hope you get as much of a laugh as I did seeing how awkward we all are! (The video is having a hard time uploading. So if it doesn't appear below I will try and resubmit or put on Facebook.)

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  1. Whoa, I even think "Lean on me" is hard to sing! Funny! Can't wait to see the video