Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 13

You know you're an adult when you buy yourself an adult gift....

Before you think this is taking a turn for the worst. Let me clear the air.

I bought myself a watch, an actually nice watch. I know what you're thinking, really....? This is Kate's "new thing for the day?"

Yes, it is my thing of the day. I was in desperate need of a new watch.... so I decided to splurge and actually buy a watch.

And it's analog, which is very adult to me, since I have been accused of not being able to tell time because I choose to wear a digital watch. For years, I have used a digital watch, usually the sporty kind made by Polaris or Adidas. There is nothing wrong with wanting to see numbers verse looking at the hands on a watch.

But I was inspired to actually trade in the $30 watch for something that an adult would wear.

And yes I did refer to others as adults....even at 29 I still feel like a kid.

Day 13: Buy myself, my first adult watch (versus the sporty (digital) watches I have always worn)


May seem like a very simple buy. But for those who know me, a watch is a crucial part of my life... and the fact that I actually upgraded to an "adult" watch, rather than my sporty watch, is big step.

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