Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 4

Day 4: Go see an Improv show

Who knew what kind of ride I was in for? I had absolutely no expectations of what was going to happen. But I became a little nervous it wasn't going to be a great show when we sat down and I looked around.... 20 people in the entire auditorium....including us 5.

Now I should probably add" No judging" to the list of things to try for a day, but I couldn't help it. It usually doesn't look good from a newbies perspective when there aren't very many people in the building. But everyone looked so excited, so I thought, here we go.

Ok, ok, ok, there is the age old saying "don't judge a book by its cover". I wasn't judging.... oh who are we kidding, of course I was.

But 5 minutes in, my cheeks hurt so bad I was physically holding them to prevent my face from laughing more.
I was doubled over at times laughing so hard at the silliest skits. But of course part of the fun was to look over at Magdiel, Stef, Meghan and her mom and to see them laughing. Honestly, there is nothing better than to see your friends truly happy.

If there is anything I get out of this project, I hope to continue to see my friends and family enjoying the ride along with me.

Thanks Meghan and Mama Shuffelton, Stef and Magdiel for a wonderful evening of laughter. Day 4 complete.

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