Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 9

Maybe some of you do this, you go to a restaurant and you look at the menu, contemplating what to order. You find yourself wavering back and forth between a few different dishes. You ask your friends what they are getting. You hint at sharing a dish.... but no one really takes you up on the offer. And then you finally decide on one.
This took you 10 minutes,a lot of page flipping, the anxiety of getting "the wrong dish" and you're still uncertain if the dish you are about to order is the one you truly want.

Or maybe you can not relate and your thinking.... what is wrong with a person who does that?

Well, I will tell you, I am exactly that person. I could waiver for hours on what I am going to order at a restaurant.

So while at dinner for Chelsea's birthday, another creative blogger friend was telling a story how she has the same problem. Her solution: She told the waiter I don't care what you bring me, just bring me the best thing on the menu.

Of course the wheels starting turning, what a great thing for my project (especially since I was doing my typical "What do I order?")

Day 9: Tell the waitress to give me the best thing on the menu and don't tell me what it is.

So by the time the waitress came around, I was all set,

"I don't care what you bring me, but just bring me the best thing on the menu.... AND don't tell me what you're bringing me," I proudly said. But she just looked at me and about half way through my spiel, she was already writing with what I can only assume was "Don't care about your project. I get this stupid request all the time!" But she gave me a smile and wrote something down.

Here I am ordering.
So we began to guess what I was getting for dinner. Whitney and I guessed steak, since we were at a steakhouse and if our waitress was a smart, she would have given me the most expensive item on the menu.
Meghan and Stef guessed steak sandwich or a steak salad.

Now we played the waiting game.

Here comes our food....

I got chicken!!!
I was a little surprised she gave me such a simple dish. But it was delicious.
Truth: I tried Meghan's steak sandwich...she won. Here meal was better, but I didn't tell the waitress that. ;)

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