Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 8

There is the saying "You don't have to like everyone, but you have to respect them." I often say this to my students. This saying applies to all, we don't necessarily like everyone, but we have to respect them.

Luckily, I work with some great people and I wanted to share with them how special I think they are.

Day 8: Write a note to a colleague telling them how much they mean to me.

I decided just one wasn't enough so I chose 2 people at my school that I just really wanted to share with them how much they mean to me.

The first, is one of our administrator coordinators, Jaci. She literally works her butt of each and everyday and doesn't get much recognition.

Our bonding moment, came when a student went missing. Turns out he went home instead of going to soccer practice. But as you can imagine, Jaci was running around trying to find this student. I jumped into action to do what I could. I honestly only made a few phone calls, but I was there for Jaci.

She later broke down in tears to me. It was a stressful situation, a child had gone missing and the last place they were seen was at school. It put an enormous pressure on the few staff member that were left at school, because we had to do all we could to find this child. (On a side note, this incident happened 1 day after they discovered the body of a 10 year old girl who had gone missing in Denver. This only added to the immense pressure and panic in our eyes).

After our stressful moment, she cried and then we laughed. So I wanted to tell her how special she is to me. Not only does she help me out, but she makes me laugh. I honestly could not enjoy my job as much, without her.

I call her Yaki and then we laugh in Spanish jajajajajaja
I also wrote to our dance teacher Mikey. Since he is a guy, he occasionally finds himself with a few of my boy students begging to hang with him (I told you he was cool). He is able to connect with some of my students, in the "I don't give a crap!" moment, where they are mad, frustrated and want nothing to do with me. But he also helps my students with their African drumming and always has a positive spin on life.
The other day he walked by my room, peeked in and said "You're cool Kate, you're cool." It just so happened, I was having a very tough moment and it gave me a pep in my step. I appreciated his kind words, more than I think he knew.
I am blessed with some amazing co-workers. It is an extremely hard school to work at. So at the end of the day I appreciate the people I work with.... well maybe not all, but I respect them. ;)

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