Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 5

Day 5: Teach Magdiel how to carve a pumpkin

I think it is safe to say most Americans have taken part in some or all Halloween traditions. One of them, carving pumpkins. It is either a tradition you hate or love.
I am one who loves it.
I love the color of pumpkins.
I love the smell of them.
I love digging my hand into pumpkins and pulling out the pulp and seeds.
I love saving the seeds to bake later.
I love the challenge of carving pumpkins, but I mostly love the end result when we can all laugh at our accomplishments and cherish the differences in our pumpkins.

So when I mentioned carving pumpkins to Magdiel, he looked at me with this quizzical face. Of course, I do not know the words for 'carving a pumpkin' in Spanish. So before continuing on with my question of "Have you ever carved a pumpkin?" I first had to visit google translator.

With our language barrier solved, we headed for the grocery store to buy 2 carving kits, 2 pumpkins and a couple of beers (the beers were actually for my brother Kyle, who was our coaxed into being the photographer).

With pumpkins, carving kits and beers nearby, we were ready to begin.

Step 1: Clean out your pumpkin.

Step 2: Drink beer (looks like I am being a great teacher. I am more focused on the beer than my student) OOPS!

Step 3: Tape outline on pumpkin and get to work.....
Then work your ass for a final product!!
Drum roll please......

Our finished project. Magdiel likes to say that his is better. Obviously, the teacher can't focus on her art when she is teaching.

Magdiel's, on the left, is welcoming all into the house, while mine, on the right is throwing up.
Real Classy!!

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